Enchanted Forest is a variation on the Meditation Game.

It's intended as a short interactive meditation and uses music, sounds of nature and vibrations with specific frequencies that have a positive impact on your body, mind and spirit.

We hope this little game may help your relax and have fun while you fly your little sphere of consciousness through the forest, collecting keys and saying hi to the butterflies :)

Headphones recommended.

"Peace of mind at last"
"Relaxing. This app is perfect for a moment of serenity in your day or to slow down your thoughts before bed."
"Someone recommended this to me and I'm so happy she did! This is my new favorite way to meditate when I'm feeling anxious!!"
"I love how calming it is and the music supports being relaxed n self centered. I adore the forest so this is perfect when your in the city and your born a village/forest gal."
"Love this! So relaxing."
"Very relaxing...love the sounds of nature as well as the music....beautiful combination and incredibly effective"
"Theres nothing like it. Its magical and the meditation it enables has layers to it. Its as otherworldly as it can get on a phone."
"I love this app so much! It will always be on my phone. I use it every day and i feel so relaxed and calm after. It helps that i am a nature lover and the sounds and tones are beautiful"
"Wonderful app that helps to find inner centering and calm. For those who like to daydream, and also for anyone looking for simple tools to alleviate states of stress or anxiety. The slow tempo, soft sounds and beautiful graphics are enchanting. Thank you for this useful and charming app."
"Very calming sounds and nicely done graphics!"
"To creator of this app your a necessity to mankind... Oh my goodness it feels so good like it could literally put you to sleep if you let it.... I have been trying into get rid of stress nothing much has been working till I saw this superb app and the previous one"
"Wonderful! Just as lovely as the main Meditation Game app and I love the deer and owl that periodically appear in the background. It would be nice to have more leaves and other green things."
"Yes. Very helpful. Thank you."
"Beautiful music. Beautiful animation. How soothing? It rather distracts from fussy thoughts."
"Wonderful app!!! Very nice and relaxing"
"I love the theme and the background is already pretty to look but what shines the most here is the music idk why but something about the music that made me so emotional idk how to explain it but yeah 10/10 thanks dev(s)"
"So Beautiful! Been looking for a game to play at night that wont wake me with flashing dream-visuals. Play is serene. Laid it next to me head and slept soundly! Well done!"
"I really like the sounds and the views with hidden animals."
"Excellent is just what I was looking for!"
"So relaxed.It helps me to calm down and find my own peace.I love it"
"Soothing. Lovely sounds. It works best for me with the accelerometer control option, so it flows forward smoothly."
"Wonderful! Enchanting ... indeed :-) Thank you so much!!!"
"Love it! Helps with my anxiety and helps put me to sleep."
"This is my first time i used apps like this. It does help me with my anxiety problem. I can't sleep at night and when i play this game. Im lost in my dream. Thanks bc you create a useful apps for peoples like me. It makes me feel relax and my mind in peace. Keep going with your works. Peoples will love it."
"It's just lovely. I feel calmer and rested after very few minutes. I'm not bored with a long time like an hour. Thank you"
"I love it. It is so relaxing and helps me unwind when I am stressed out."
"Belgium 12 Points! I feel a change in me, a good one. Change! Thanks for that, thanks Ben!"
"This is wonderful. I feel wonderful."
"Hi you nice people! This is the perfect game/app to fall asleep! I put my screen on nightshift, with the brightness as low as possible AND put the 'Low Power Mode' on. When I play the game, I'm focused on 'me' and the 'energy'. So I can just gaze to my screen and feel myself falling a sleep. Without the pressure of a game what is designed to win and be the best."
"Simply beautiful and grounding"
"Whoever made this I love you lol peace and tranquility"
"I love this game so much it makes me aware and satisfied I hope the creators make even more of these games"
"I love this so much....beautiful♡...Namaste"
"Do yourself a favour and download this. It's tremendous, really."
"I play the love meditation everyday. Beautiful words to follow on the way to become a better version of myself. Thank you."
"Like the original app Its absolutely perfect. I love it. Completely relaxing and it's such a pretty scene. Thank you :)"
"I love this and I also love the other app (the Meditation Game). A beautiful short practice which I can do on the bus to work. Thanks Ben"
"Great! Great, a great game to relax! Great app to relax! Well one :)"
"Extremely simple to use and very soothing. It helps me relax in the evening before reading, when I am stressed or even on public transport."
"Perfect I am very happy that there are people who do this work. Namaste"
"Love it. Beautiful animation, easy to play and really relaxing."
"I love this app, it's visually beautiful and relaxing. I would love to hear an occasional owl or a Loon. Would also love to see a waterfall with rocks and a wading pool. Kudos on an amazing app."
"Its peace"
"It's best meditation app having beautiful music . Very happy to use it"
"Just right for a tablet. Very mellow and well-designed. Really enjoy it! Thanks!"
"Feels like I found peace"
"So relaxing app.its really good for mental health."
"It's amazing , it's peaceful , it's joyful . I hv no words to say ... it's really fabulous app . Install it and be happy friends"
"Love it, relaxes my soul and body"
"Beautiful and relaxing. Does exactly what it's designed to do."
"Thank You for this lovely gift of an app"
"A moment of mindfulness for beginners, it is very well done, bravo!"
"Again I thank you so very much! Totally love it!"
"Wonderful App, perfect to gain some focus again and relax"
"I love this app its such a good place to start with meditation when u dont k ow how or where to begin."
"Just as pretty as the original theme!"


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